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Criminal Justice

  • Description: The study of criminal justice begins with analysis of the entire justice system as a force for social order. Advanced study inquires into the political, organizational, social and behavioral aspects of its various components. The analytical and research skills stressed by this program enable students to identify and assess the often conflicting objectives of criminal justice and investigate basic issues and practical problems in criminology and criminal justice. Legal courses foster an awareness of the values of due process and the limits of governmental power in a democratic society. The program also promotes a multidisciplinary understanding of the sources of criminal behaviors, including perspectives and contributions from criminology, psychology, and sociology. The curriculum exposes students to knowledge of the major types of crime, including crimes of violence such as street crime and domestic violence, property crimes such as burglary and larceny, public order crimes such as disorderly conduct and sexual offenses, delinquency, and crimes by gangs and organizations. The study of innovative, theoretically based programs in the criminal justice system to reduce the incidence of crime is also examined. Career opportunities in criminal justice professions include roles as police officers, supervisors, and executives; criminal justice investigators working for public defenders, prosecutors, fire departments, and insurance companies and correctional officers for whom a college degree is mandatory, such as probation officers, parole officers, and community corrections specialists. Other specialized roles in criminal justice include juvenile intake officers, juvenile probation officers, volunteer administrators, criminologists, forensic scientists, forensic psychologists, medical examiners, and policy analysts.
  • Program Link: http://www.clas.wayne.edu/crj
  • School or College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Department: Criminal Justice
  • Undergraduate/Graduate/Certificate: Undergraduate
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    marianka Holloway